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Welcome! I am Wendy Schabrel & as expressions of my Leadership Voice, I offer such services as ....
...practical & playful Courses & Coaching in Leadership, Language & Life Skills to inspire a
self-aware life harmoniously integrated & enriched with meaningful purpose, realized potential, expanded 'ways of thinking', a vibrant well-being,
& a compassionate heart.

...illuminating journeys to explore, embody & refine radiant leadership through inspired Creative Endeavors, Ancient Wisdom Traditions & the Expressive Arts of Mindful (Somatic) Movement, the Voice, Theatre, & Egyptian Style Bellydance.

Why Radiant Leadership?

...because the essence of leadership is not just reserved for those gifted with outer charisma. Rather, the heart of meaningful, life changing leadership, serving within our homes, communities, businesses and the world, begins when we consciously intend to discover, develop, embrace and refine the unique ‘Leader In Each of Us’.


This self-aware, self-governed leadership initiates with an open, curious mind. It is refined with the humility of a willing, compassionate heart and it radiates into the world with the wisdom of perspective expanding, reflective action.


Learning to listen to the languages of mind, body, emotions, and spirit, that speak to the contrasts of our inner and outer expressions of duality, further guides us in balancing and harmonizing our thoughts, words, and actions with conscious, self-aware understanding of how we personally express power, wisdom, and love throughout our day-to-day, inner and outer practice of leadership of ourselves and others.  

Are you living true to the calling of 'Your Fulfilled Meaning, Passionate Purpose and Expression of Vibrant Well-Being'? If not, what are you waiting for? What voices talk you out of what is important to your expression of radiant health, happiness, wholeness, and vibrant well-being?


Your world and its spheres of influence will be further enriched when you learn to be courageously connected to your path of conscious leadership contribution. What you have to contribute is important in the Grand Symphony of Cosmic Music orchestrated by our willingness to serve with our talents, passions and skills. Take up YOUR Calling. Act Now. Take the Lead!

And if you have already courageously done so and you feel like you need a hand of compassionate, thought inspiring guidance to help you empower your leadership expression with more Boldness and Grace, reach out with your intention, and then observe how your answers arrive! If you have been introduced to my services, I invite you to reflectively explore and discern your next course of action in a COMPLIMENTARY 45 MINUTE COACHING, TEACHING or MENTORING SESSION with me. 


My Signature Programs & Their Learning Academies 


The Act of Leadership

A Living Love Leadership Blueprint To Ignite
The Heroic Leader in You


My Creative Expression Logo


Illuminating Journeys Into Self-Leadership 

Through the Expressive Arts

First Online Course In Collaboration with CRYSTAL HEART BOOKS ACADEMY
Launching, Fall 2021


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In Collaboration With Crystal Heart Books Academy Fall, 2021

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"In this time of uncertainty & change may we answer the calls of our Sacred Voices to contribute our unique musical strains of leadership expressions within the cosmic orchestra, that collaboratively and collectively can uplift the vibration of all humanity.


Let compassion create our lyrics, forgiveness be our rhythm and our choices be the music that are guided by the wise counsel of unconditional love.”   Wendy Schabrel

Be An Authentic Balanced Leader