Coach  &Mentor

It is as your Coach that we will focus together on short term goals to move you forward with a burst of action.

It is as your Teacher that we will identify and enhance both your realized and unrealized gifts and talents.

If is as your Mentor that we will develop and implement a long term strategy for your success.

Why Mentoring?

How I can coach you in your creative expression

You as an Individual
  • You feel like your energy is stagnant and maybe even stifled. You can't quite put your finger on it but you know something has to move, shift of change. 
    Implementing our creativity, let's identify one action you could do right now that would 'stir you up'. 

  • You often watch people performing in their creative expression and all of sudden you find yourself feeling angry or maybe in judgement of what you have come to see.
    I would most probably ask you, "What stage of expression would you like to be on?" 

  • It's been so long since you've felt passionate about anything that you feel like your dragging around
    a body alive only in breath. (I know it sounds morbid but I have experienced this!) 

    We will do a little digging, build a new fire pit and ignite a new fire within you!  

  • Every time an idea 'pops' into your head to put your creativity into action, you block it by saying something like, "No, not now, maybe later." 
    Let's pull those ideas back into your memory and begin to take action on at least one of them. 

  • You would like to harmonize your form of creative expression with the very essence of who you are.
    Together we will create the most magnificent life map of which the answer will reveal itself to us!

  • As I have said before, "So Much Is Possible..... Just Ask...."

Contact Me. Tell me something about yourself.
Then if you would like, you can take me up on my Free One Hour Consultation.
No obligation. Let's just get to know one another. 
You in Relationship


  • Within the demands of life, work and family, as well as the societal shifting roles of gender, you as a woman may feel disconnected from what it means to be in your feminine expression. Your intimate relationship may feel like 'The sparkle has lost its twinkle' and you really don't know how to 'Flick its switch' to illuminate it again. 

      Let's first of all, begin to polish the beautiful jewel you are and see what your burnished facets begin       to reflect to us. Then we can decide together what form of creative expression will accentuate your
      'Feminine Sparkle!'


  • Within the frustration of trying to figure out what you can do to make your woman's 'sparkle twinkle again,' you've lost your own glow. In fact, it's more than that, in the fallout of gender role shifting, you sense a disconnection from what you thought masculine expression should be. It's a problem your having trouble solving and it's leaving you at a loss for what to do next.
    From a woman's viewpoint - a woman who has worked, dialogued and been in relationship with men all of her life - I will coach you with creative repartee in developing a strong but yet sensitive masculine identity. Over time commitment to reflection and action will lead you to your desired outcome. We may even identify what form of creative expression you might share with your partner
    that will 'light both of your candles!"

You in Business or as an Entrepreneur
  • In the daily grind of continuing with work that does not use the creative potential of your talents, skills and gifts, you are wondering how you might turn on to a new pathway and still have some stability in your life.
    We will brainstorm possibilities, assess the risks and obstacles and come up with an action plan forward. 

  • You have a seed idea for a business venture. You have even done a little market research but you don't know how to organize all the creative ideas swimming around in your head related to this potential possibility. This place of chaotic criss-crossing of thoughts and ideas is grinding your progress to a halt.
    Well it's time to create a vision and mission statement, find a project management software you will enjoy using and get it all out of your head so you can relax with your process!  

  • You have been in business for a while. It's been flowing forward according to plan, but recently no matter which way you turn obstacles seem to block you from taking action. To make things worse, you are starting to feel burnt out and any spark of creativity to get out of your situation, has seemed to disappear.
    We are going to take a step back, breathe in a much needed Yogic Long and Profound Breath and reassess your initial business plan. Then we will observe each obstacle as an opportunity to creatively find solutions that are in accord with your long term vision. 

Again, there are so many possibilities and scenerios where initiating different forms of creative expression can lead to problem solving. As your Creative Expression Coach,

my speciality in being there for you, is combining what I have learned as an Artist, Entrepreneur and Business Owner with practical tools, techniques and enough creative spark

to light you and your way forward.

Contact Me Today To Setup Your Complimentary One Hour Session


Your initial one hour telephone consultation is always free. 

If you decide to go ahead with my Creative Expression Coaching there are a few options you can consider: 

  • In the beginning, to establish a productive working relationship with one another, I would suggest
    four - one hour weekly or biweekly phone or Skype meetings.

  • After the initial 4 weeks, depending on what we have accomplished already together, you may want
    to continue with my ongoing support by the month in a lower cost Mentoring Program or just engage
    in a periodic one hour session with me as needed.

  • All payments are to be paid in Canadian Currency before sessions begin and are to be paid by Paypal or by Email Transfer as coordinated between us.

  • All Monthly Mentoring Packages are to be paid in full the beginning of the month.

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial taxes will apply

Coaching - Short term goals, task and action oriented
  • One Hour Session:   $75.00
  • Four - One Hour Sessions:   $70.00/4=$280.00
         (Can be used as weekly or bi-weekly sessions)  (Discount applies to full payment) 
Mentoring - Longer term goals, designing and building strategies, supporting change 
        (Can be made as a monthly payment after the first four weeks of coaching have been completed) 
  • Monthly Mentoring, Four - 45 Min. Sessions & Email Support:   $65.00/4=$260.00
     (Can be used as weekly or bi-weekly sessions)  (Paid the beginning of each month) 
Teaching - Learning any of my Modes of Creative Expression listed under Teacher on my

Regional taxes are to be added - GST 5% & QST 9.975%
All group prices are based on a minimum of three people per class.


  • Group 45 - 60 min. - $10.00/class

  • Group 75 min. - $11.00/class  Drop In $12.00 (tax included)

  • Private 30 min. $15.00/class

  • Private 45 min. $22.00/class

  • Private 60 Min. $25.00/class

  • Social Dance Class
       - Private 60 Min. - $30.00 (Price per couple)
       - Semi-private (Two couples) 60 Min. - $40.00 ($20 per couple)

  • Please Contact Me for special situations that may not be listed here.

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