My Story - The Creator

Her Early Life In A Little Fairy Tale

Once upon a time …
on a frigid, January morning, quite a long time ago, a little girl with wisps of strawberry blond hair was born. The morning was so cold that inside the rural Saskatchewan hospital even the mother’s excitement of giving birth to her first child, couldn’t keep her warm and as her father, the King of Red Diamonds, drove to visit his "New Year's" born daughter (already six days into the year) the plastic seat covers of the family’s 1957 Ford Mercury crackled under his weight. 

Winter turned into spring and many seasons changed as the little girl grew to be a damsel on a farm in the heart of the Canadian prairies, surrounded by gopher colonies, wheat fields and the occasional Poplar Bluff. The hay loft, with its swing, was her playground, the old ice house was her playhouse and her imagination was her playmate.

She was named after Wendy from Peter Pan and just as Wendy Darling had shared stories filled with magic and adventure with her younger siblings, Wendy also showed a passion for sharing the stories she had created with her new younger brother. 

Wendy Darling’s stage was the children’s bedroom they all shared, the damsel’s stage was wherever she imagined it to be. It could be atop of a bale stack she had helped build, the family living room or her favourite summer shaded spot - in front of the elm, the spruce tree and the petunia bed - amidst the landscape her Mother, the Queen of Gardening had so meticulously beautified. 


It was on one of these momentary stages that Wendy gave life to her stories through theatre productions of spoken word, music and dance. Participation by audience members was often encouraged but not always reciprocated, especially after her red haired brother grew to know that teasing his sister was far more fun for him than a role he’d been given to act!

The Voice of the Creator

Through the years, The Creator continues to make its presence known to me through the ideas that drop in when I least expect them! Although I appreciate the ideas very much, I must confess that I don’t always complete all the projects that I have thought of or think of. Presently, it is becoming easier to action ideas into existence utilizing skills I have learned in facilitation methods for community planning as well as career/life development; mind mapping for brainstorming and project management for organization, risk assessment and implementation.


The other important element I have been learning and am now committed to following through on, is to delegate all the parts of my project out to others who have the talents and skills to do it ten times faster than I can! That way I can continue to do what I do best - come up with more ideas, setup the projects, delegate the process and move on. 

Up to this point I have travelled down the path of arts combined with entrepreneurship where I have been able to implement my ideas as: 


  • The Unique Beautique, Brandon MB
    A full service beauty salon featuring hair, esthetics and processes for dressing for success

  • Surely You Jest, Salmon Arm, BC
    – Character clown available for parades, community, events and parties

  • Musing Winds Services, Brandon, MB
    - Life Coaching, Business Consulting and Administrative Services 

  • Gypsy Jive Dance, Brandon, MB
    – A world dance and ballroom studio 

  • Les Entreprises Marguerite, Saint-Pacôme, QC (currently)
    - Online sales and services


Theatre Projects

  • Medieval Feast, Local Restaurant, Salmon Arm, BC
    - Collaborated with Professional Improvisational Theatre Group to create a theatrical medieval dinner theatre

  • The Many of Faces of Woman, Cortes Island & October 11 - 13, 2002, Shuswap Theatre, Salmon Arm, BC
    – Script and music writer 
    as well as produced, directed and performed a rock musical of my life story depicting the many faces (masks) we as women wear in our lives as we discover our inner identity culminating in the recognition of the archetypal, Wild Woman -  the passionate, artistic aspect  present within each one of us seeking creative self-expression. 

  • Human Essence, May 27 - 30, 2004, Powerhouse Theatre, Vernon, BC
    – Co-wrote and co-produced with Kath Raeber from Vernon, BC. A
     Musical Theatre show amalgamating many real life interviews with men and women on the topic of what the word sensuality had meant to them throughout their lives. Five character voices, three women and two men, were then created to tell the true story of the many stories gathered. 

  • A Street In Cairo, 2010 - 2012, Gypsy Jive Dance Studio, Brandon, MB
    – Choreographed and produced yearly dance shows for 
    Gypsy Jive Dance.

  • The Lost Diamond (Le Diamant Perdu) A Children's Theatre and Marionette Production, Saint-Pacôme, QC
    - 2016, Presently awaiting production


Ongoing Support to Fellow Entrepreneurs and to those in Business 

  • Coaching and Mentoring 
    - Using creative ideas to coach and mentor others in brainstorming for business and project visioning, action planning, problem-solving, strategic business management initiatives and marketing.  


Projects in Process

      Recently, the Creator has been prodding me to culminate many of the ideas ‘The Seeker’ has been exploring and
      gathering for a good portion of my life, into two processes that have become 
very important to me in my creative
      expression at this time:


  •  The Act of Leadership - A Process of Individual and Community Development
    Inspiring a life of reflective leadership one action at a time.


  • Mystica Mulier - Celebrate the Spirit 
    Twelve Passages to Mentor the Modern Day Mystic.

   It is within these creations and those yet to come that the Creator continues to speak … 

My Story     Seeker     Teacher     Presenter     Mentor