My Story - The Mentor

It is as a Teacher, that one who thirsts for knowledge is also nourished by the sharing

of what they have learned. It is in the responding to their call as a Teacher

that they also inspire their students to drink in learning with the same yearning.


It is as a Mentor, that one living their life story has integrated their knowledge

with the experience of life in both a conscious and reflective manner.

It is in the responding to their call as a Mentor, that they stand in this acquired wisdom

beside both the young and the old, encouraging them to also seek

in the same manner, their own voice of profound wisdom.

The Damsel's Ongoing Fairy Tale On The Importance of Mentoring...

It has always been the sharing of one on one stories that the Damsel most naturally found herself engaging with others. When she was growing up this took a variety of forms including, family dinner table conversation with visiting neighbor’s, sitting with a friend at a table in the library of her school or visiting her nearby Grandmother. 


After school, many days were spent just across the yard with her pastel red and white haired Grandmother, nibbling donuts rolled in sugar crystals, fresh fried on the wood burning cook stove. Often Wendy would bring along one of her dolls who had told her they were in need of a new outfit and together they would design and fashion from scrapes, the most elegant of creations. As her Grandmother initiated her into the practical arts of crocheting, knitting and sewing, there was lots of time to exchange conversation, of which Wendy, thoughtfully would ask her Grandmother about her life story, her ancestors and life even before that. Very subtlety and with an inquisitive, genuinely interested granddaughter, wisdom was being passed between the generations. Within the sharing of lives lived, lives contemplated and heartfelt stories respectfully  

heard, the damsel was mentored to take that of which she had learned and experienced into her future… 

Both smiles and displeasure would overtake her Grandma’s face as her Granddaughter would ask such questions as, “How did you get to school when it was so cold in winter?” “How did you meet Grandpa?” “Who were you before you were born?” Who was I before I was born?” “Where did I live?” “Where will you go when you die?” “What is a soul?” “Why do you argue with Grandpa?” “Are you and Grandpa happy?” Grandma’s face would flush, a similar color as the tiny, pink taffeta dress she was trimming with lace and reply, “That’s enough questions for you today!” and then begin to share the relevant Bible story she had taught her Sunday School class the previous Sunday.


Wendy, admiring the dress they had just created together, would listen intently until the next question “popped” into her mind.  It was within these loving exchanges that Wendy not only experienced her Grandmother’s patience and willingness to share her life story, (within reason) but also was introduced to the Art of Mentoring

In memory of my dear Grandma, friend and mentor, Louise Schmidt.

A Few Photos From Some of the Lives I Have Lived
Themes In The Damsel's Life

… And it has been that Wendy has never forgot this very pivotal time of her life. As she continued to wonder and study, wander and live her own dramatic plotlines filled with all the emotions that make us human, both teachers and mentors have gracefully crossed her path imparting their gifts of wisdom to her in the timeliest manner. They have guided her as she has integrated her passion for stories, her talents, gifts and skills and her diverse life experience, with her deep desire to find her own transformative pathways.


As she has explored her interests in religion, spirituality, philosophy, mythology, psychology, science and the arts she continues to find a deepened a sense of meaning, in not only each and every story she has lived, but also the day to day significance of living each moment with the wonderment she has come to feel it so deserves.


Her themes of life experience within her work world have been as such:

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Sectors

(note abreviations of CND provinces: BC - British Columbia, SK - Saskatchewan, MB - Manitoba, Quebec, QC)  

  • Agriculture, SK & MB – Grew up on/involved/partnered in farming, both grain and raising of animals 

  • Hair, Cosmetics, Fashion and Clothing Design, MB – Created and operated full service salon 

  • Electronics Servicing and Manufacturing, MB, BC – Trained/partnered in general servicing and product development and manufacturing for the agricultural bovine industry

  • Administrative, MB, BC – Customer Service, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Financial Management 

  • Geotechnical and Civil Engineering, BC, MB – Performed duties in administrative/customer service, bookkeeping, financial reporting and human resources 

  • Land Development and Construction Industry, MB – Administrative support, bookkeeping, financial reporting, project management and research

  • Career Development/Vocational Counselling, BC, MB – Trained and learned various formats. Used training in various employment positions as part of Human Resources work as well as in private consultation

  • Health and Wellness, MB, BC, QC – Promote concepts of healthy eating, balanced lifestyle and appropriate exercise within all interactions of both work and personal life. Have now taken training and am teaching Kundalini Yoga, a yoga of postures, movement, meditation, chant and hand mudra, in private and group class settings

  • Leadership Teacher, Presenter and Mentor, QC – Presently self-employed promoting locally and online to individuals, businesses, wellness and retreat centres



  • Expressive Arts, BC – Created and performed in clowning, improvisational theatre business

  • Music and Vocal Arts, MB, BC – Taught piano, singing and young children’s music in many locally owned music stores. Currently teaching at home studio

  • Theatre Production, BC  – Created company to write, produce, manage and direct two theatre productions she was involved in writing  

  • Dance, BC, MB, QC – Created, operated and taught at a World Dance and Ballroom studio. Currently teaching world dance at home studio 


Societies For The Betterment Of Life On Our Planet 

  • The Salmon River Watershed, BC– Administrative support, bookkeeping and volunteer coordination

  • Quality Living Society, BC– Manager of cooperative business development office  

A Few Of The Damsel's Photos From Her Life Story
Snow in Canada

Wendy enjoying a Quebec winter day


My daughter hanging out with the Adelaide, Honey and our albino cat, Willow

Clowning children

My children clowning around in their Mom's (Rosy's) clown costume

Smelt Bay, Cortes Island, BC

My much younger children playing with the crabs when we lived on Cortes Island in BC

Sinking Tractor

Helping a neighbour retrieve his tractor out of a long forgotten old well

Raising chickens

Raising chickens and chickens and more chickens

Giving Back To Life Through Volunteering


  • An Interdenominational Mission Outreach, United States – A three month service program to help renovate a  home for deaf children in Bogota, Columbia 

  • Schools and Service Groups, MB, BC, QC - Presenting and teaching a variety of subject matter pertaining to cosmetology, health and wellness, business related, dance, music and singing

  • Community Theatre Projects, BC – Onstage acting and backstage props, organization and marketing

  • Renaissance Brandon, MB – Board Member and Treasurer of a downtown revitalization group for Brandon, MB. Involved on board while a revitalization program and branding process was initiated, assessed through community forums, was chosen and then implemented.


  • Institute of Global Education – In process of researching new online education methodologies for educating marginalized children from around the world. Organization is currently working with two particular projects in India and Nepal 

  • And whatever or whoever else comes by day to day...

Giving Back To Life Through Volunteering
The Journey Of Life And The Exploration of Passions
  • Relationships – The beginnings, the endings and everything in between. 

  • New Beginnings – Starting over, rebuilding one’s life after pain and sorrow

  • Communication Skills – Personal and business 

  • Raising and Guiding Children – Young to old

  • Connecting With Life Purpose, One’s Path of Service and Legacy

  • Living in Harmony with the Earth – In both the inner and outer life

  • Cooking, Gardening and Preserving Food – Nurturing oneself and family through conscious food preparation

  • Alternative Healing – Exploration of many modalities of energetic healing. Presently a Quantum Touch Practitioner

  • Healing with Horses – Spending time, riding, walking or massaging these magnificent creatures

  • Feminine Expression – Attuning to one’s inner song, the Divine Feminine expression that connects us to our highest potential, path of service and an open receptive heart that understands the flow of both giving and receiving. Learning to embrace the mysteries of life by learning to hear and surrender to the voice of one's higher consciousness

  • Living A Creative Life - Believing, committing and allowing the flow of creative expression in one's life

  • Growing Old Gracefully - Living within one's passion, purpose and expression no matter what age one is  

  • Ongoing Possibilities -  As life inspires! 

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