Music Arts

Creative expression can begin with musical journeys that encompass and introduce

a wide range of integrated activities. Music of diverse genres and cultures of the world

will tune the ear to new possibilites and impart rhythms into the body to express undiscovered movement.

Sing - Play An Instrument - Drum A  Rhythm - Dance A New Step - Perform In A Costume

It's all possible. It's all a lot of fun!

I have found that allowing yourself to play while learning is the key to unlocking unrealized creative potential. 

Parents Of Young Children or Individuals Seeking An Integrated Music Experience:
  • Reflect upon the possibilities of exploring a world of music through diversity of arts and culture. 

  • Discover unrealized potential combining music learning with voice, piano, dance, rhythm instruments and yes, even a
     little dressup, theatre and the odd marionette friend! 


  • Attune the ear to rhythms and music from around the world.

  • Embrace the experience of musical training, developing one's ear while learning the formal structure of music.

  • Celebrate new skills and talents developed.

 Private Lessons, Weekly Group Sessions, Playshops and Skype Sessions Available 

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Children Of The World - Music Arts Program  (Ages 3-4)

With an emphasis on musical play, this group course utilizes World Music as a foundation for its implementation. To further encourage some of the musical experiences at home between the sessions, parents will attend with their children and participate in activities together. 

Private Music Arts Programs (Ages 6 and above)

As a private session, together we can create an individualized music arts program that best reflects the goals for each parent and their child as well as adult students looking to enhance their music training.

A one hour course designed can be all or some of the learning opportunities listed below: 

  • Music theory, structure and sight reading taught through the instrument of the piano

  • Development of playing by ear through the learning of chord families.

  • Ear and vocal training with solfege 

  • Vocal development through breath, exercises and song

  • World dance

  • Rhythm instruments    


And We Will Start
Our Musical Journey Together!

These activities will encourage:

  • Creative self expression through improvised free movement to various styles of music. 

  • A sense of confident presence in the body as one gains courage to let go and dance with others in a group setting.

  • Experiencing culture of another country by listening to its music, feeling the rhythm in the body and moving both improvisationally or with a few simple dance steps. 

  • Vocal expression and creativity through song, rhymes, vocal play and interactive story telling.

  • Listening skills by using comparative context to understand musical concepts such as tempo, dynamics, rhythm and the sound of different instruments. 

  • The playing of rhythm instruments, as well as drums, to provide opportunity to explore sound and various rhythm patterns.

  • The learning of music to be an exciting journey that can take one on a journey around the world!