When you choose a life willing to explore creative
and expressive pathways in your life,
one of the most exciting aspects of its manifestation,
  is that you never know where it will take you!
Twists and turns, with ideas that evolve into magical journeys
of outer adventures and inner awakenings prevail.
Our life is our story.
It is our legacy of imperfect and perfect moments.
It is a realization of our creative leadership potential
when we say yes to its calling. 
Throughout my life as I have engaged with the leadership expression
that summons itself through my gifts and talents,
 I have discovered the voices of Archetypal Themes weaving themselves
throughout the plot lines of my life.

Listed below are five ongoing vignettes whose Archetypal voices, 
sometimes silently, sometimes more vocally,
continue to guide me with their universal principles to self-awareness.
Their teachings reminding me that each story of our lives
is of equal importance as it interweaves its form,
its significance and its gift of wisdom awaiting to be realized.
 as day by day each one of us turns the pages of our grand novel of life. 

My Story

The Five Archetypal Voices That Tell My Story... 

... or almost all of it anyway. 

You can get an idea who I am by just looking at my pictures I've selected

representing a thousand words, or if you have time on your hands,

 click each picture to read the thousand words - give or take a few.

The Guiding Principle
Of My Life

The Voice of Creative Expression 

My Love To Share With Others

Sharing From The Stage

Supporting Others To Succeed 

Wendy Schabrel - Creative Expression Coach, Teacher, Mentor, Writer