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Meet The Mystica Mulier

Wendy Schabrel

'Mystica Mulier' introduced her voice to me as I became impassioned to feminize and harmonize the essence of the word, leadership, that without a descriptor, becomes whatever unconscious expression a person chooses to potentially use to govern power over another or even oneself. 


With her insights she revealed to me how I could share my passion for the expressive arts, with my experiential leadership journey as a conscious spiritual being, to rethink and reframe the concept of leadership.  

The Mystical Mulier

The Latin words for the 'Mystical Woman'. She represents the veiled feminine principle of our intuitive, reflective & guiding nature - existing in all, awaiting for us to invite her into our daily lives of leadership expression.


It is through her inspiration that we can learn to be self-aware leaders attuned to our Sacred Selves.  It is through acting on her Divine Voice that we can balance our lives, find harmony in the disharmony and experience the empowerment of living a life of leadership guided by the wise council of unconditional love.  

Kindred Spirits

Mystica Mulier invites you to playfully awaken her presence in you. Her mystical journeys are to be pathways of awakening that encourage you to invoke and authentically express the 'Light of Her Radiance' within you. 

She whispers to you, reminding you that you are a spiritual being, that your life has meaning, purpose, unlimited possibilities and an infinite fountain of love that  flows from The Source to nourish, heal and uplift you as you willingly open your heart to receive its bounty both by your personal connection and by being part of a
Community of Heart-Minded
Kindred Spirits.


Realize & Refine Your Expression of Radiant Leadership Through Mind, Body, Emotional & Spiritual Self-awareness

Mindful (Somatic)


mind-body-emotional connections & communication
with the
Sacred Self

The Art of
Egyptian Bellydance

expression with this ancient dance vocabulary to Balance & Harmonize leadership attributes represented through the Four Elements & the Divine Feminine & Masculine Principles of Inner Reflection & Outer Action.

Vocal Development,
Music & Theatre

 your True Voice
of Radiant Leadership
with Whole Body
Vocal Expression

Kundalini Yoga
(Spinal Alignment)

your spinal alignment, flexibility, strength & endurance with this ancient science of yoga that also enhances clarity of mind, emotional balance & spiritual stillness as part of a day-to-day maintenance support to consistently embody a radiant

Both privately or in group settings,
The Mystica Mulier Invites YOU to Explore
Playful Journeys to Invoke the Divine Leader within 

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 An example of The Ancient Expressive Art of Egyptian Bellydance as a playful process for Radiant Leadership exploration, discovery, and refinement... 

Wearing a Shamadan
The Pyramids, Cairo
Riding Camels!
Egyptian Saidi
Certified A-Z Teacher
Costumes.. & Costumes!
Loving Life!

After 25 years of engaging & developing my passion for Bellydancing, I realized a dream to visit Cairo, Egypt and begin my certification process with my dance teacher & mentor, Keti Sharif.  Through her extensive course development and research involving somatic movement, bellydance vocabulary, musicality, cultural influences, & many other integrations, throughout our certification process she provided us with a framework of which she encouraged her students to build our own purposeful direction with her body of work. 


My incorporation of her dance foundation, provided through both Original and Advanced A-Z Bellydance with my realized calling to femininize & harmonize the essence of leadership, has become a Radiant Leadership Embodiment Process that I initially named to be, ‘Dancing the Divine Union - A Radiant Leadership Journey’.  Over the last two years I have been continuing to develop the complimentary programs that are part of this larger process. Their launch is currently underway.

As an umbrella for this Radiant Leadership Embodiment Process, collectively referred to as, 'Dancing the Divine Union - A Radiant Leadership Journey’ the range of components to be experienced include:

Mindful Movement Development
for Playful Physical Embodiment
A-Z Bellydance, Original & Advanced
  • Body Connectivity &
    Somatic (Mind-Body) Awareness

  • The Levity, Gravity & Efforts of Movement

  • The Movement Qualities of the Four Elements

  • 'The Essence of Egypt'
    Foundational Bellydance Vocabulary

  • Rhythms, Musicality & Instruments of Egypt

  • Bellydance Vocabulary Combinations to Build Choreography & Improvise Upon

  • Presentation/Performance

Radiant Leadership Development
to Invoke, Balance & Harmonize
The Divine Leader in Reflection & Action
  • Embodying the Sacred Breath

  • Invoking the Divine Leader

  • Posture & Placement

  • Leadership Attributes represented through the Four Elements (Love-led & Strife-led)

  • Leadership Attributes represented though reflective and active aspects of the inner experience of Feminine & Masculine Principles (Love-led & Strife-led) 

  • Patience, Passion & Playfulness

  • Creativity & Authentic Leadership Expression

  • Grace, Wisdom & Unconditional Love

As a unified process, 'Dancing the Divine Union - A Radiant Leadership Journey' can act as a conduit for YOU to balance, harmonize & embody the heart-minded principles & attributes of 
YOUR Radiant Leadership Realization & Authentic Embodiment.

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"The Four Elements

Reflection Handout"

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Mystica Mulier
Kindred Spirits

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