Women discover for yourself the gifts this elegant dance form, with its origins in theMiddle East,

will impart upon your world as you surrender to it's movements, it's rhythms... it's heart.  

Celebrating Feminine Expression Then And Now

Bellydance, known also as Oriental Dance, has had it's origin

in what has been known as the Near East.

It is an ancient art form, a language of feminine expression

that has existed for thousands of years. 

Known also in the Arabic language of the Middle East as Raks Sharki  

and the name of Bellydance in the West, 

it has spoken its artistry and communicated its essence 

within the varying life cycles celebrated as families and as communities.

Women of all ages, who have continued to share rites or rituals of passage, 

such as fertility, birth and marriages with each other.


Its names and styles are as numerous and diverse

 as the music, rhythm and cultures

that throughout history has expressed itself

over several countries of three continents.

More recently, further migration, modernization and influences

from the west and other countries, continue to

enthusiastically embrace its language

within its folkloric roots, its earthy traditional form

and its more dramatic cabaret stage style.

Discover Passion,

Poise, Play & Presentation

All are beautiful, all are unique expressions of a woman in communication with her Deepest Self,

 her profound Divine Nature and her realized Feminine Power.

About the Dance Program I Represent 

As a certified teacher of A-Z Original Bellydance, the following courses depict a Dance Sojourn Through the Middle East. A sojourn, in which technique, music of different styles and rhythms, as well as the cultural voice of Folkloric, Baladi and Cabaret styles will be introduced, explored and respected for their contribution to this art form that has so greatly influenced our Western continent.

The twenty-six, sixteen part routines of the A-Z Original Bellydance Course, created by Australian born Keti Sharif, who after spending considerable time learning and performing throughout the Middle East has designed a dynamic program to create a strong base for the beginner to intermediate dancer to learn a fundamental set of dance steps and movements that once known fluently, can be used to express the poetic dance language of bellydance with more emotive expression -  like Egyptian women dance.


In addition, the varying qualities represented by the Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether are also introduced to enhance a dancer’s awareness of the energy one can draw upon, both when practicing and performing this art form, as well as incorporating their qualities into the day to day, DANCE OF LIFE. 


Embark on your dance sojourn today, 
where you can further enhance your experience of  Creative Feminine Expression - 
developing strength, grace, beauty and artistry through learning the Ancient Language of Danse Orientale.

I invite you to enroll in one of my local classes or Contact Me to request a playshop
in your area or an online session. Yes, so much is possible!

Six to Eight Week Group Sessions, Playshops and Private Sessions Available

Check Calendar for current scheduling.  All sessions below are available as playshops.

The Egyptian Style of Baladi - Beginner Level

Participants will learn fundamental techniques of the earthy playful Egyptian Style of Baladi through a series of five - dance step routines (A-E) featuring historical, cultural and foundational information and dance movement, significant within the Baladi style. Throughout the course, this dance language will not only be linked into a choreography but will also be presented to encourage personal improvised dance.

An introduction to rhythms, the use of instrumentation and phrasing in Middle Eastern music will further help the dancer to interpret dance vocabulary learned into personal improvisation. Finger Cymbals, the dancer’s instrument as well as veil technique will also be introduced. No previous dance experience is necessary, just a desire to enjoy the company of other women developing dance technique, poise, confidence and graceful feminine expression together.

Egyptian Folkloric Dances - Beginner Level

Come, experience the sense of community created by sharing as a group, the ancient essence of Folkloric dance - earthy, spirited and celebratory!  Throughout this course you will expand your historical knowledge and experience of Oriental dance by being introduced to six folkloric dance forms from various regions of the culturally rich country of Egypt. They include Fellahin, Hagallah, Saiidi, Nubian, Milaya and Muwashshahat.


You will learn five different routines, (F - J) from the A-Z Original Belly Dance vocabulary that will depict, by their steps and stylings to represent an aspect of each of these six folkloric theatre genres. The use of various props, such as the cane will be introduced as well as discussions and examples of costuming worn for the various dances.   

Taqsim – Emotive Improvisation - Intermediate Level 

Taqsim is an Arabic word meaning division. In Arabic music, it is a section of which a musician will improvise a solo utilizing certain scales (maqamat) to convey a mood. In response, the dancer internalizes the mood and begins to dance from within with subtle movements that can be led from the part of the body of which the tone of the instrument resonates.


Emotive improvisation, fluidity of movement and music phrasing will be emphasized in this course while learning technique and routines (K - O) of the Original A-Z Bellydance vocabulary. Besides learning the techniques of dance improvisation you will also learn a group choreography that maintains sections for individual improvisation to be practiced in a performance setting. Props including veils and Isis Wings will be utilized to further accentuate the slow, sensual music that will be presented as accompaniment in this course. 

Theatrical Belly Dance - Intermediate Level

The Element of FIRE will ignite your feet and your heart as you prepare for performance through learning techniques as well as history and costuming associated with theatrical presentation. Techniques for stage presence, connectivity to the audience, musicality as well as an opportunity to understand your own connection with the ELEMENT of FIRE will lead you to further enhance your personal dance expression. Whether you choose to be on a grand stage or are looking to find a more vibrant - Inner Presence - when you are dancing, you will enjoy practicing the skills you will learn in a troupe based choregraphy to Fiery Latin-Arab Fusion music.

Props for the stage will also be discussed and presented in the course. The choreography, featuring the use of short silk fan veils, will include the routines (P-T) of the Original A-Z Bellydance vocabulary. These routines incorporate a range of traveling steps to help improve spatial awareness. They can also be combined with other routines you have to learned already to further prepare you for your next stage performance, choreographed or improvised! 

Crafting a Drum Solo - Intermediate to Advanced Level

This is a Personal Skills Development course focused on understanding the rhythms, structure, phrasing and language of Middle Eastern music. You will also learn how to translate and accentuate dynamic contrasts into your own choreographed or improvised drum solo. For this session, you are invited but it is not required, to bring a selection of music you would like to use in crafting your own Drum Solo. A wide variety of music will also be presented to assist in teaching how to breakdown a piece of music considering structure, genre, feeling and recognizing stylized themes, both in the changing of drum patterns as well as sensing the overall phrases that together make up its 'Story'.


(U - Z) routines of the Original A-Z Bellydance vocabulary will be taught and practiced in a loose choreography of which you will be encouraged to interpret the set piece of music yourself, placing the routines, either whole or part, in the order that reflects how you as a dancer may feel and sense the music.  At the end of the session there will be a Private Assessment time set aside for each participant to discuss your own development, evolution and goals as a dancer.

Together we will  identify specific techniques and actions to assist you in refining your ongoing dance experience.


Embracing the Mystical. Summoning the Sacred - All Levels 

To Dance is Divine. To dance in union with our deepest self in communication with our own creative expression is what is possible when we let go, when we surrender our inhibitions and just dance. 

Together we will explore and experience music from around the world, both sacred and secular. We will dance. We will chant. We will surrender into movement, both improvised and with direction. We will ignite fire in our bellies with rhythms that will alight our passions and rekindle that which is stagnant. We will allow meditative dance to sooth our tired bodies,  still our busy minds and nourish our awaiting spirits.


As we embrace the mystical and summon the sacred, veils will swirl their secrets forth and reveal inner most magical moments all expressed through the dance, the voice and a willingness to be one with the Infinite.  

Woman may you always dance -

in the stillness of the evenings twilight,  in the light of the sun's golden glow,

may you dance with the presence of a passionate heart.      Wendy Schabrel