To inspire and impassion others in creative expression is the ultimate goal in all that I do.

As you can see, life expresses iself in a multitude of creative ways, all initiated by our viewing life

as a playground to be all that we can be. As a presenter I will weave the essence of creative expression

not only within the modes of Dance, Voice, Music, Theatre and  Kundalini Yoga,

but also how it can express itself in our day to day worlds of relationships, family, work, business & personal reflection. 

I Can Always Creatively Tailor My Modes Of Expression To Best Serve You
  • As a Presenter, whether it be in person at an event or as an online webinar, I can design a presentation specifically for your requirements based on the topics of my focus listed below.
  • As a Teacher I can combine a presentation with demonstrations, specific classes or workshops/programs of longer duration from any of my modes of expression listed on my website.
  • As a Coach I can also offer one on one sessions with interested participants during or after an organized event whether it is in person or online. 
  • As a Lover of Theatre I can come dressed up in costume as the Goddess of Aphrodite or another character we may be inspired to create for a particular message!  
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Yes, we can have a lot of fun! This photo is Aphrodite talking about how to use your creative expression to find love and passion in your life!

... and there are so many more possible topics created and adaptable for your event, retreat/wellness centre, festival or for your group of friends!

Just ask... and creatively we will come up with a great idea.
Remember, Life is a Theatre of Possibilities!

Life is like a play in the theatre: it doesn't matter how long it lasts,

but how well it was played.  Seneca

Other Presentation Possibilities That Can Be Tailored To Your Requirements:

Creativity and It's Expression

  • Living and Breathing A Creative Life - Learning to say yes to your creative expression and your infinite potential

  • Aphrodite on Finding Love and Igniting Passion In Your Life - As much as you want to believe that everything happens outside of yourself, Aphrodite is here to tell you, "It all starts with you babe!"  

  • Any Mode of Creative Expression Combined with any of the topics of presentation listed. 


The Act of Leadership  - Inspiring a life of reflective leadership one action at a time.
Until the entire model is ready for launch the end of 2016, the topics listed below are some of its components that I can offer for presentation at this time. 

Relationships With Oneself And Others

  • Intimate Relationships – The beginnings, the endings and everything in between 

  • New Beginnings – Starting over, rebuilding one’s life after endings

  • Raising and Guiding Children – Parenting as a mentor

  • Growing Old Gracefully - Living within one's passion, purpose and expression no matter what age one is  

Personal and Professional Development

  • Communication For Personal and Business - (Western/Yogic Philosophy) Styles, Techniques and Core Values

  • Connecting With Life Purpose -  Identifying one’s path of service and legacy

You and Your Outer World

  • Living in Harmony with the Earth – Awakening and expanding perspective

You and Your Inner World 

  • Calming the Mind Chatter - The positive, the negative, the neutral mind, the power of the breath and practices to quiet its voices and embrace peaceful stillness 

  • De-stressing, Re-dressing - Yogic practices to address stress and redress with authentic answers

  • Meditative Practices - The presentation and practice of a wide variety of potentialitites to achieve inner peace

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