My Story - The Seeker

Wondering, Wandering Wendy

It is then that I feel gratitude come back into my heart. It is then that I can be truly thankful

for all the blessings life has given me and I remember to celebrate life’s magical magnificence.


It is then that I am joyfully reminded that all the roads I've travelled both physically and mentally,

   ultimately lead to the same destination and it is upon that realization that The Seeker finds rest. 

As I have allowed myself to wonder, so have I let myself wander.

It is within the wondering, that I have continued to ask questions.  

It is within the wandering, that life continues to reveal its answers.

It is as I have begun to recognize answers whispering to

me from the subtleties of inner and outer worlds

 that I feel myself attuning to my inner song. 

It is from letting myself dip my toes, deep into the water, even

    though sometimes I felt myself sinking into its murky banks  

    that I have learned to embrace the complexities that a life

       engaged in creative expression can mean. 

It is from remembering to “look on the lighter side,” even

   sometimes after I’ve cried...

      to just let myself laugh at what the human condition can be

          -  all things at all times -

   knowing that everything in the end will be alright,

       no matter where I am on my path of seeking today.