Social Dance   

Life is a dance, from one step to the next. Set yourself up for success and anything is possible.
Tomorrow's success begins today. 

The Dance of Life

Life Is A Dance, whether we admit we like to dance or not. We waltz into new opportunities in our lives, we jive into an evening of banter with our friends and we hope for nights of sizzling rumbas with our loved one. The only part that might be missing to the success of the end result is how confident we know our steps.

A Rumba With My Honey on a Valentine's Day   

Being comfortable in our body goes a long way into how we live our lives beyond the dance floor. Social Dance is not only a lot of fun but can also be transformative as you learn to lead and follow within the dance. Trust is developed between partners as they mutually learn to surrender to the music, the dance and to each other.

Maybe you’ve wanted to dance but you feel you have two left feet
or are convinced that you don’t have a rhythmic bone in your body. I encourage you to embark on a new story and just try. Over the years as a dance instructor I have worked with several people who started with the same belief, but over time and with some determined commitment they found their rhythm! 

I believe there is a lot possible when we are just willing to take the first step on to the dance floor of life! I specialize in private or semi-private social dance lessons that I can design to your specific needs with dance styles you would like to learn.

… And for those who do not have a dance partner, I have created an exercise class that will teach you the fundamentals of a wide range of social dance steps. That way when the opportunity does arise for you to partner dance, your foundation will already be established.

Anyone for a Fox-Trot?

It's when we dance together that we begin to experience ourselves in a whole new way. 

Are we leading when we should be following ? Are we taking control when we should be letting go?

That is for you to discover when you dance with another. 

Feel the Pulse of Your Partner

Dance With Each Other's Hearts 

Dance Possibilities - Workshops, Private and Group Sessions Available 

No dance partner. That's fine! Contact Me for both individual and couple sessions.

For another fun possibility, you can also check out the Social Dance Fitness Class I offer.

Social Dance

Available as 1 Hour Sessions

Private (Individual or 1 Couple) or Semi-Private (2 Couples)


Dance Styles - Waltz, Fox-Trot, East Coast Swing, Jive

Latin Styles - Rumba, Cha-Cha, Tango, Samba, Salsa, Meringue

Social Dance Fitness

Available As a Six Week Session - No Partner Required


I have created this class for people who would love to do social dance as an exercise and be able to come to a class without a partner. Participants will learn steps, patterns and variations of a wide range of dances including Waltz, Fox-Trot, East Coast Swing, Jive, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Salsa and Meringue as well as other 'surprise' dances.


Add a new type of fitness into your life that will fire up your
feet with some new dance steps you can take on to the dance floor!

"You look ridiculous if you dance. You look ridiculous if you don't dance.

So you might as well dance."  Gertrude Stein. Three Lives