It was with our voice that an instrument was realized.  

It was by the drum that we found its accompaniment. It was with the dance that we expressed our truth.

 Our Primordial History

It is said that the origin of music predates our written history. That music may have evolved as our primordial ancestors discovered their voice as an instrument, using it to mimic the sounds and rhythms of their environment. They created patterns, repetitions and tones to lure their hunt, celebrate their births, mourn their deaths and tell their stories.

It is through these religious ceremonies that rituals were performed. Rituals that encompassed rhythm, the most basic element of music, entranced its participants into states of ecstasy, as they were repeated over and over on percussive instruments made with sticks gathered from sacred trees, drums carved from gourds or seed pods tied together with vines.

It was natural to dance. It was natural to chant in accompaniment to the rhythms being played, for dance and music have been partners, their shared origin has intertwined throughout history as they have continued to evolve within a diversity of cultures, sacred ritual, time and technology.

Music, its signature, defined by its rhythms, harmonies, melodic structure, instruments and most importantly, culture of origin, summons our bodies to move with certain responses. Movements that carry a story imprinted through history by the dancers that recognized its significance and in reverence passed it forward.

To Dance The World, through the powerful mediums of music and dance, is to experience the stories of various cultures of lands maybe unknown to us by physical understanding. In opening our ears to music of different cadence, structure and scale patterns we have the opportunity to “hear” a communication that transcends the spoken word. In learning specific body positions, steps, arms and hand movements we “feel” and “express” the heart of a distant land.

In so doing, we connect with that which has no boundaries, the part of us that connects with each other - with all life, wherever it started, wherever it lives today.

Today, let's leave behind our differences and celebrate that which we all share.  

It is our surrender to our Primal Expression of Voice, Music and Dance that truly can be the Languages that unite us all.

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it produces the most extraordinary results in human culture. Ken Robinson,