Vocal Arts

Our voice is our sound print in the world.  It distinctly defines who we are and how we are known.
It is through our Voice that we can tune its fine strings to express our leadership calling,

whether it be to communicate with others in our paths of contribution
or simply to share the lyrics, melodies or harmonies of song.

YouAre Your Voice and Your Voice is You!

 Vocal Modes - Singing, Presentation and Communication (English Only)

Our voice, whether we speak or sing, manifests as an expression of the power of our breath, our physical structure, the emotions that fuel its tone, the thoughts we hold that dictate its expression and the stress we may hold in our body. Our voice reveals us. It is natural for our voices to flow freely from us, without constraint, utilizing our entire body. It is natural for us to be fully present in who we are and able to express the trueness of our hearts. 

As we sound our voice, it resounds from the inner resonating chambers that makes each of us unique.  
How free are you with your voice, for it is within this freedom that you will discover your full vocal potential? 
It is within this awareness that you will also find understanding in how you communicate with your world. 

Together we will learn technique to develop the voice but first we must release it.  It is then that

we can realize the process of 'Vocal Attunement' - Aligning and Leading You to Your Vocal Goals.

A Little About Me ...

Throughout my own exploration of creative expression, as a classically trained singer, presenter and performer, I have had a strong desire to seek a variety of alternative techniques that would help me to accomplish the goal of learning 'To Express With Heart.'


"What does that mean?" you ask. To me it has meant connecting the head and the heart in my creative expression. It has meant surrendering into the honesty of what I am expressing whether in song or communication. It is about being consciously present and able to access the emotion of what I am expressing.

Through the years, my interest and practice in yogic breath techniques, meditation, chant, sound healing and vocal toning has led me to interesting discoveries that have contributed and continue to expand my own vocal potential. Complimented by my interest in personal development, as a vocal and music teacher, I have sought to find a balance combining traditional techniques of voice development with alternative methods to accomplish the desired goals of the student.


I love my Jaguar Bass!   

In the relationship we share as teacher/mentor and student, I like to utilize a vibrant intuitive approach to fine tune your vocal instrument while opening your unique pathway of creative expression.

Potential results can include:

  • A more expanded vocal range

  • Pitch and rhythm sensitivity

  • Enhanced and conscious vocal tone and pronunciation

  • Vocal release resulting in a more relaxed vocal expression

  • Expression with 'heart' (Emotional connection) 


Private, Group, Playshops, Webinars and Skype Sessions Available

There may be a variety of reasons your feeling lead to enhance your vocal expression. 
Let's talk! Contact Me Today with a little information about yourself and I will get back to you.

If your interested in receiving my offer of a

Complimentary One Hour Consultation and Vocal Assessment,

you can download my Vocal Assessment Document here.

Simply answer a few questions to tell me your vocal expression story and send it on to

wendy@wendyschabrel.com.  Together we will develop a potential path forward for you. 

Singing and Presentation Techniques We Can Work On Together Are:

  • Vocal Development for Singing

You will learn twelve different elements that can lead to optimum use of your voice.

These include: Primal Sound, Vocal Release, Posture, Breathing, Tuning the Voice and Eliciting Pitches, Range, Register, Vocal Agility, Resonance, Projection, Articulation and Music Interpretation.

We will utilizing a wide variety of classical voice exercises, alternative sound therapy practices and yogic techniques for opening posture and breathing to both support the voice and encourage the release of tension in the body that may be inhibiting vocal freedom.


  •  Vocal Toning 

In combination with breath, meditation, visualization, free sound creation, toning and chant, we will explore techniques to release that which may constrain the voice - attuning you to a newly discovered vocal freedom that authentically resounds your unique vocal sound. It is in connecting with your true sound or true
voice that begins the harmonizing process as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human being,

able to open to New Melodies - New Pathways Of Life Possibilities.


  • Performance and Recording Preparation/Studio In Session Vocal Coaching For Recording Projects

Are you interested in performance or are you getting ready to embark on a recording project? 

This vocal focus, that can be combined with other processes, will facilitate with you to select song material – genres and music styles that compliment your voice and more importantly your personal presence and essence. We will also work together on mike technique, stage presence, handling stage adrenaline and possibly even develop some choreography for your next singing performance.


If you are planning a recording project in the future, all of the above techniques are very important to be aware of and develop if you want to work efficiently, dynamically and professionally as an artist preparing for the bigger stage of recorded music. I am also available to studios and individuals for in session vocal coaching to assist in illiciiting  quality recordings from  vocal tracks being recorded. I can utilize various techniques with vocalists before and during the recording sessions to alleviate nervous tension, flat pitch, phrasing, emotive expression and word pronunciation as the recording is being completed.


Whether it is for the stage or your next recording project, together we can create your best performance ever! 


  •  Presentation - Public Speaking

To prepare you for more liberated vocal expression and comfort with public presentation, we will incorporate exercises and techniques to help you improve posture, control of breath, projection, tension and nervous energy in the body. You will also learn tips to adjust your vocal pattern, rates of speech, dynamic range and vocal tone. You will be encouraged to practice a wide variety of your favourite or not so favourite subject matter including a speech you might have written or have been given to present, a theatrical monologue or a variety of different poetry. 


Vocal Development And The Practice Of Yoga:

  •  The Healing Voice

Privately or in a group setting we will explore sound’s vibratory affect on the human body. Utilizing breath, toning, chanting, visualization and meditation, we can bring awareness to the subtle energy system of the body. Known in Eastern philosophies as the chakra system (Chakra being a Sanskrit word for wheel or turning), yogic teachings describe them as energy centers or energy vortices corresponding to various parts or organs of the body that when they are open and unblocked, the prana or life force energy will energize them. This can then result in an effect that ignites our lives with new harmony, awarenesses, a sense of integration and more enhanced well being within the functioning of our minds, bodies and emotions as well as a deeper connection to ones spiritual self.


As a Kundalini Yoga teacher I will introduce you to the benefits of using yogic postures, kriyas, mudras, mantra, and meditation to assist you in tuning into your chakra system, encouraging you to begin to acknowledge your body, both physical and subtle, as the musical instrument yogis have understood it to be. An instrument possessing 72 strings, each string acting like a meridian that vibrates with the flow of prana - the inflow of cosmic life force energy into the subtle body - collecting in vortices called the chakras. On a physical level, they teach that the central tuning string is the main vagus nerve of the parasympathetic system, also called by yogis as ik tara-one star. Physically, it acts like a tuning drone for all the other strings. It is the central channel called the sushmuna, that when activated with the left and right channels, ida and pingala, augmented with such practices as chanting mantra, that will create an enhanced vibration in ones entire system.


 It is by the practice of chanting mantra - utilizing specific sound combinations known to elevate ones vibrational frequency - and the science of Naad Yoga - the experience of how sound vibrations affect the body, mind and spirit through the movement of the tongue, the mouth and changes of the brain - that we can enhance our day to day life in the manner the mantra intends, to connect one with the Infinite, beyond anything you could create with the finite self or ego. Chanting, known as one-star spirituality, can tune and attune you as the Divine Instrument that you are, causing the thirty trillion cells of your body to resonate, to dance - forming the patterns that shape you physically, emotionally and mentally.   


It is when you chant, that the nervous system becomes synchronized and the flow of thoughts moves with the higher self. Then the ego relaxes and the mantra is vibrated to every cell. You let go and are truly silent. In that silence you can feel, hear and act on the call of the soul. 

(pg 68, The Aquarian Teacher, Level 1 - Yogi Bhanjan, PhD,  Master of Kundalini Yoga) 

It is when we can sit in inner silence, that the true communication begins.

Communication Techniques For Personal Leadership:

  • ​Conscious Core Value Communication

It is within our presence with others that communication begins. Communication is defined as the imparting, interchange or transmission of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or by signs we project.  It is estimated that 80 % of what we communicate is non-verbal. How aware are you in what you are projecting as you communicate in different situations? Does your communication reflect who you are or is there a disparity between what you deeply feel, what you actually
say and what your body language communicates. Being conscious of your core values is key in understanding these concepts and will be explored as part of this presentation.


Utilizing a component from the Leadership Model For Personal and Community Development I have created entitled, The Act of Leadership, you will enhance both inner and outer communication, listening skills and become aware of body language you may be using. Strategies for engaging in conscious and authentic communication will be presented through the framework of one of the Four Acts of Leadership representing mind, body, emotions and spirit. It's twelve attributes for intending, developing and maturing qualities of conscious humanity, have been chosen to encompass a wide range of value systems from cultures, philosophies and religions of our world both past and present. These twelve qualities for expanding human potential will give voice to improving and understanding communication from a broad range of expanded perspective.


This topic is available for individual coaching, mentoring, group webinars, a workshop or as a summmarized public presentation. Contact Me today for more information or to setup your Free One Hour Consultation.